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Great news for people wanting to buy new houses in Spain!

Last week the Spanish Government slashed the IVA on the purchase of a NEW home purchase from 8% to just 4%.  And this reduction is going to stay at this level until the end of the year.  A welcome move made by the Government, which should move the real estate market forward and reduce the stocks of unsold new homes, many of which are being held by the banks.

The reduction of the IVA (VAT) rate charged on new home purchase means someone buying a house for say, 200,000 euros, would save around 8,000 euros.

So then! – we should really focus on new developments.  And here is one that I really love…



There are 170 units in total with 21 available.

The project is 3.5 years old and is very established with an active committee and community.

We have a huge range of nationalities, mainly Northern European including Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, Irish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish etc… Very cosmopolitan indeed we are!

Facilities include two large outdoor pools separated by a waterfall & two small ones for small children.

There is an indoor heated pool with a swim jet, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath & a sauna as well as a gymnasium.

Golfers enjoy a 20% discount for Atalaya Golf club which we border on our South & West boundaries.

Atalaya has two 18 hole golf courses & a driving range.


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