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Nigel Stiles, a property writer, is suggesting that Spanish Property Investments are the thing to go with now.

Spain is in a recession, we all know that, but this does mean that the property rates are going down?

The rich history of Spain is its saving grace, together with the weather and the great beaches. Spain is also connected to all major European airports, which means owning a property in Spain could not be more convenient; something that the economy airlines have had in mind for a while, as the number of cheap seats to and from places like Malaga International Airport continues to rise.

Nigel writes that experienced property investment professionals will be gaining on their Spanish property investments as the values of the property rise with the end of the recession and the inevitable upturn of the economy.

The Spanish property market is beginning to boom again in certain areas such as Madrid, Barcelona, Balaleric Islands and Bilbao. The Costa del Sol will follow suit. Purchasing property in Spain now is very likely to reward the property investor significantly in the long term.

I would suggest that the more savvy Spanish property investors are going to the beaches, front line, or properties with outstanding views. The older well managed apartment communities that have a mix of residential and investor owners.

Reading the words of Nigel gives real positivity to the Spanish Market.

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