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2015 A very good yearThe IMF recently released a report that seems to support the Bank of Spain's assertion that the property market in Spain has entered a period of stabilisation, and that property prices are close to, or already have, bottomed out.

Following the substantial drop in prices over the last seven years, it is expected that they are set to rise by around 1.15% this year.

The stabilisation is partly due to the fact that property prices are now at a level where local Spanish people can afford to buy, and coupled with an improving employment market this could herald a good year for the property industry. Domestic rather than overseas demand is vital for the success of any property market.

With the UK employment figures looking good and wages starting to rise after four years of austerity in the UK, and with the pound once again strong against the Euro, it has never been a better time for British buyers to invest in the Spanish property market.

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