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2015 is a great year for the cleanliness of the Costa del Sol beaches.

Blue Flags Costa del SolThe majority of the beaches on this coastline have been awarded the Blue Flag of Excellence. In 1987 a campaign started to give each beach a quality mark. The Blue Flag is that mark, and is awarded to over 4000 beaches and marines in 48 countries.

These countries are spread across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, U.A.E. and the Caribbean.

The criteria are very simple; the Blue Flag programme promotes a strict criteria linking to environmental management, education, information and water quality, and here is the list of the Costa del Sol beaches which have maintained the highest standards, and received the blue flag award (david could you insert the information that i have attached. But in a more stylish way please!!)



The campaign gives an award - the Blue Flag - on the basis of criteria on:


  • Environmental education and information (e.g. information on bathing water quality and the local environment, tours and activities that raise awareness)
  • Environmental management (e.g. waste, nature protection, sewage treatment)
  • Water quality (for beaches clean bathing water of a specified quality)
  • Safety and services (e.g. lifesaving equipment, toilet facilities, first aid) In Andalucia there are 76 Blue Flag beaches and 17 Blue Flag marinas.


The European Commission

The European Commission has since the start been involved in the campaign. The commission supports especially the multi-layer approach: protection and preservation but also education and awareness, clean and safe water but also integrated and sustainable coastal management.

The European Environmental Agency is a member of the International Blue Flag Jury. Other institutional partners are United Nations world tourism organization and United Nations environment programme.

The Blue Flag is awarded for the summer season, and in Andalucia that is from 1 June to 15 September.

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